B.Sc Electronics with Aerospace Embedded System

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This undergraduate three-year course is built with core training in Electronics accompanied by specialization in Aerospace Embedded systems. The students will be introduced to the basics of Aerospace Embedded systems. This course provides a thorough understanding of the amalgam between hardware and software programming in various systems. Let’s look into the basic aspects of the Aerospace Embedded system. Aerospace Embedded Systems are used for multiple purposes in the aerospace industry like temperature control, speed control, sensors, flight data recording, etc. In the very basic sense, an embedded system is a combination of hardware and software designed for a specific function. How this embedded system is applied in Aerospace will be our next concern. Air Traffic Control, Flight Control System, Components, Avionics, Aircraft Avionics, Communication Navigation, Collision-Avoidance System, Black Box, Weather System, Aircraft Management System, Radar and many more, are among the most prominent applications of Embedded Systems in Aerospace. The Embedded system is to be hailed as the future of the job sector. Both private and public sectors go in hand in hand providing colossal job opportunities for this course. Every industry demands the assistance of Artificial Intelligence and the only one to provide this service is Embedded Systems. No electronic device is found to be without an Embedded System. Thus, making it the course of the era. Anyone enrolling in this course can be assured of a safe-sounding career.

ELIGIBILITY: Candidates after completing 12th Standard/HSC/10+2(or equivalent Level of Examination) from any recognized Board can join the course.


B.Sc Electronics with certification in Aerospace Embedded System enables one to start even own business including manufacturing electronic parts and components. In JB International Academy students will be well trained by experts who are well-experienced in this field. Job opportunities such as Technical Writer, Technical author, Software engineer, system software engineer, embedded hardware engineer, Embedded system trainer, Software test engineer, Marketing & sales executive, and more make this course highly demanded among other courses. The aerospace industry, Airline industry, Automobile industry, Consumer electronics, Telecommunications, Industrial machines are some job sectors provided by this course.

B.Sc Electronics with Aerospace Embedded System

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