Education Loan

“An Education Loan does not disturb your savings”

Education loan usually covers about 90 per cent of the total expenditure on education, including tuition fee, books, travel and passage expense, projects, uniforms, library, examination fee and so on.

The management of education loan would inculcate financial discipline within the student. You can declare an unlimited tax deduction on the interest which you have paid for 8 years, under the section 80E of the Income Tax Act.

Application Process

The question ‘how to get an education loan’ indicates that the person wants to know the procedure for the same.

  1. Select the bank and the loan scheme you want to take.
  2. After confirming both things, contact the bank to confirm the documents required to avail of the loan facility.
  3. After the submission of documents, the bank will evaluate your profile and sanction your loan accordingly.

Eligibility Criteria for Education Loans​

Knowing the eligibility criteria to apply for education loan is as important as arranging for documents required for the education loan. Even though the method of repayment, interest rate and the upper limit may vary from bank to bank, some general conditions remain the same. Considering that, check the basic eligibility criteria to apply for an education loan.

  1. The aspirant should be a citizen of India.
  2. There must be a co-applicant along with the student. A co-applicant can be your parents, siblings, or spouse.
  3. Applicant must be 12th passed in any stream.

Documents Required for Education Loans

Education loans are sanctioned to a candidate only after submission of a long list of documents. Consequently, it is extremely important for candidates to get the list of documents required for education loan right!

General Documents Required

Thousands of Indian students opt for study abroad ventures to attain quality education. Education loans are considered as the best ways to cover the cost of studying abroad. Seeing the increasing trend in outbound students, several banks provide education loans for abroad studies at an affordable rate. If you are also finding one for yourself, here is a comprehensive blog which contains the list of best education loan in India

To Study In India KYC & Education Related Documents

KYC Documents

Post Academic Records

Foreign Education

Download Guidlines

Apply for Education Loan

The Documents Required for Education Loan in terms of Financial aspect

For Self Employed/ Business/ Pensioners

For Pensioners: Proof of retirement along with pension certificate

For Employed/ Government or Non-government Service/ Salaried

The Documents Required for Education Loan in terms of Financial aspect

SBI bank offers loan for popular courses like MBA, MCA, MS etc. both at the professional graduate and postgraduate levels, including regular technical and professional degree and diploma courses. You can avail free interest loan from the bank in diploma courses like Aeronautical, pilot training, shipping etc. If you are applying for the Charter Institute of Management Accountants courses- CIMA London, the bank will facilitate your educational journey with its low-interest loan. If you are taking loans up to 7.50 Lakh INR, you must pay an interest rate ranging from 7.97%- 10.20%. You can expect a total educational loan of 35 Lakh INR from the bank

HDFC bank is another prominent name in the list of best education loans in India. It offers a range of educational loans for overseas education as well as within the country. The bank is providing immense facilities to its clients to get educational loans at their doorsteps. It is available for around 950 courses and 36 countries. You can avail up to 20 lakhs with collateral and 7.5 lakh INR without collateral. In order to avail HDFC’s education loan facility, it is mandatory that your age falls in the bracket of 16-35 years. The bank offers a whopping amount of loan in the approved and leading undergraduate and postgraduate courses including PG Diplomas

PNB is considered as a trusted bank for education loans. It offers a wide range of higher education loans at low interest to the students. Under Shiksha loan scheme, you will have to pay an interest rate of 9.20% and the processing fee of 1% of the 10,000 minimum loan amounts. Under the PNB Saraswathi scheme, you can avail a loan amount of 7.50 % with an interest rate of 7.30% – 9.80%. Pratibha loan scheme has an interest rate of 7.20% – 7.80% and it has a loan tenure up to 15 years. Similarly, PNB Udaan has an interest rate of 7.30% – 9.80% where you can avail loan up to 7.50 lakh INR. PNB Kaushal’s interest rate is 7.30% – 8.70%. Here you can apply loan amount of starting from 50,000 to above 1 lakh. PNB Honhaar’s interest rate is 9.20%.

Bank of India is again one of the best banks in terms of loan providers. It offers some best education loan in India for various undergraduate and postgraduate courses. The bank offers loan facilities in professional courses including Engineering, Medical, Agriculture, Veterinary, Law, Dental, Management, Computer, etc. You can have loan facilities to study in IIM, IIT, IISc, XLRI, NIFT, NID etc. If you are aiming for overseas higher studies, you can study courses under CA, MBA, MS etc. BOI offers two basic loan schemes including star education loan offering amount of 20 lakh INR with an interest rate of 8.95% to 9.75%. Also, it has another educational loan scheme called BOI star vidya loan offering an amount of 30 lakh INR within an interest rate of 7.25%.

* And Other National Banks also.

Courses Covered

While sanctioning loans to students planning to study abroad, banks usually check the kind of degree students are planning to pursue. Usually, courses which offer a good ROI like Engineering, Management or MBBS are preferred by banks for sanctioning loan. Here are some degrees and specializations for which the education loans are easily provided.

Education Loan

Types Of Loans

Education loan is taken by students to provide a range of services and continue their education with the least financial load. Before you move on to figure out how to get the education loan, look at some of the common types of education loans to study abroad

Bridge Loans

This pays for students’ pre-application expenses like application, examination, interview and student tours

Pre-Visa Loans

These are used as proof of funds availability for abroad loans and that students will not become a liability for the host nation for both accommodation and fees

Pre-Admission Loans

This includes not only academic expenses but also, in-flight and overseas travel expenses and cost of admission processes before the commencement of the higher studies.

Refinancing Loans

These can be taken to repay the loans taken before and students can also choose to refinance to extend their loan tenure

Consolidated Loans

It covers a combined set of educational expenses including exam, tuition, books, educational equipment, travel, accommodation, deposits and insurance

* Another important aspect of getting a loan is the ‘collateral’, which are assets or guarantees that are to be submitted to the bank in exchange for the loan amount. Collaterals are not mandatory for smaller amounts of loans but essential to get a higher amount of loans

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