skill-development and employability

What are skill-development and employability

Have you ever tried to achieve a goal but achieved mediocre results? Have you ever seen other people achieve their goals effortlessly and wondered how they do that? This is where the priority of skill comes in. So, what are skills? To do something well we need skills. Skill is a term that encompasses the knowledge, competencies, and abilities to perform tasks. Thus, the first and foremost step in building a prolific career is finding out and honing the skill suitable for your career.


Giving time to yourself to understand your skill and develop and improve them can help you become an expert in a specific field. Each individual is unique and each one possesses different skills based on their interests, natural abilities, and personal qualities. Owning more than one skill can help you in expanding your professional competency and allow you to excel in your job. As each skill is different, learning and developing a wide range of skills can help you progress in your career.

Skill development is the time one invests in to improve their proficiency and to stay future-ready. It is globally considered a key to productive employment. Skill development is generally referred to as the process of acquiring productive capabilities through various levels of training and learning, which may occur in a formal, informal, or on-the-job setting.

Hence it is an important means for increased productivity in both private and public sectors. Skill development and employability are interconnected with each other as employability is having a set of skills, knowledge, understanding, and personal attributes which makes you capable of getting and keeping fulfilling work. Skill development is essential because one’s skills determine their ability to execute their plans with success. It has evolved as an imperative to adapt, survive and succeed rather than being a matter of choice.

India has a literacy rate of around 70%, but when it comes to employability, only 20% of them are employable. This data shows the importance of skill development along with academy education, where skill development comprises technical expertise, vocational skills, transferrable skills, digital skills, and other such knowledge and abilities required for employment and livelihood. Every organization prefers skilled employees over less skilled ones as skills intensify the productiveness and quality of work for more significant results.

Education and skill development should go hand in hand as they are the roots behind the economic growth and community development of a country. Skill development is a vital tool to empower people, safeguard their future, and for the overall development of an individual. It is an important aspect that enhances employability in today’s globalization.

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